WA Poets Publishing, WAPP, is the formalised extension of the publishing that was originally conducted under WA Poets Inc. It has arisen as a natural progression for WA Poets Inc and due to the current reduced publishing opportunities for established poets. The Master Poets Series is WAPP’s first venture and will see the publication of eminent Western Australian poets in high quality, short run publications. These will be complemented with one–off publications as they eventuate.

WAPP will continue to  publish anthologies previously published under the WAPI banner.

Managing Committee: Gary De Piazzi, Peter Jeffery & Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Editorial Panel: Lucy Dougan, Dennis Haskell, David McCooey and  Barbara Temperton

Graphic Designer: Adrianne Barba, Bird Studios


Current Issues

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2020 Poetry d’Amour Anthology

The metric of Love helped me determine the poet’s approach to the topic of this competition. How did their poem address love, was it overt or implied, did they make the personal universal, and vice versa? What new and interesting way did they explore their understanding of love in this world saturated with commercialised expressions of love, lust and romance?

Vivienne Glance

from $19.00

Becoming Known

Showcased in this anthology are Josephine Clarke, Fable Goldsmith. Ruari Jack Hughes, Taonga Sendama, Sunny Wignall and Colin Young. Each incredibly gifted poets in their own right but, as a collective, they capture a diversity of emerging West Australian poetics. Their poems explore family, diaspora, nature, history and queerness with such fresh perspective …

Scott-Patrick Mitchell


And Yet …

This is a collection of lyric poems of considerable variety exhibiting an unforced delight in language. It includes elegies, satires, love poems, comic works, and ekphrastic poems 

Tony Curtis


Creatrix Anthology 3

This is the third Creatrix Anthology of poetry and haiku selected from the online journal Creatrix. The contributions come primarily from the members of WA Poets Incorporated (WAPI), the peak poetry body in Western Australia.

from $25.50

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Poetry d’Amour


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