Creatrix 54 – Haiku

marriage counselling
cushions on one side
of the sofa

writer’s cabin
letting in
the sun

Debbi Antebi
London, UK

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

blackberry vines
mend the picket fence

where the blue
begins and ends…
seagull wings

Gavin Austin
Sydney, Australia

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

the morning paper
in the pond again

souvenir tea-towel
adding a gum leaf
to the billy

Ingrid Baluchi
North Macedonia

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

monsoon breeze
the scent of pakoras
from ma’s kitchen

Dr Mona Bedi.
Delhi, India

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

autumn wind –
still in the same place
dad’s old chair

Mirela Brăilean

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

the sky wide open
for the birds

Pitt Büerken
Münster / Germany

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

grass trees
a silent audience
in the amphitheatre

the popularity
of primary colours —
crimson rosellas

Rohan Buettel

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

security question
my first pet Stinky
lives on

fish on my plate
I avoid eye contact
with the cat

Alanna C. Burke
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

in the window
a young bird begs

sign of the times
on the church gate
book sale this way

Coral Carter

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

face down
on the haystack . . .
a scarecrow

summer noon . . .
the coconut vendor sleeps
under his cart

Kanchan Chatterjee
Jamshedpur. Jharkhand. India.

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

new yams roasting—
the rising heat
of old opinions

wrapped in mist
and whalesong

Lysa Collins

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

hotel bible
sooner or later
time to check out

Alvin B. Cruz

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

last hug—
the goodbye
before tears

the weight of war medals
old legs remember

Gary Colombo De Piazzi

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

where the sins of the flesh
no longer apply

bleak house
the keyhole stuffed
against the wind

Mike Gallagher

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

longest day . . .
training my horse to walk
through the mud

Goran Gatalica

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

he makes me feel
like a child again
not young just small

Candy Gordon

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

rabbits come and go
above the daisy fields
and bones

Cameron Haworth

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

the wattle blossoms
brighter this year

lockdown yoga
my boat pose
sinking fast

Louise Hopewell
Melbourne, Australia

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

sunday at the museum
cleaning lady washes
buddha’s eyes

Vladislav Hristov.
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

dry creek bed
a dingo’s howl

Marilyn Humbert

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

a spider abseils
across broken webs

Zina Ioannou
Sydney, NSW

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

rosellas and wrens
wheel and chase
prayer flags

Earl Livings

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

on a thistle
the same bee
that pollinates my daises

a masked ball
with no dancing

judging every move
of the gymnast
my cat

Wilda Morris

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

buttered scones
the widow tempts
the mailman

well past
their best before date
my thought and prayers

Calgary, AB, Canada

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

cancelled event—
my dress hangs

Jaya Penelope

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

a still winter night …
the clock and i
still working

Amrutha Prabhu
Bengaluru, India

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

hard copy mag
with two fingers
I try to zoom in

Carol Reynolds

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

gentle swell
the paddle-boarder’s
wetsuit still dry

she polishes the leaves
of her fiddle-leaf fig

Cynthia Rowe

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

bare branches
visiting the landmarks
that shaped you

Liv Saint James

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

a heron wades
knee deep
a crocodile winks

Barry Sanbrook

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

Broome airport –
a flock of red necked stints
head for the bay

Maureen Sexton

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

August winds
the cat grass bends
his whiskers

Tom Staudt
Sydney, Australia

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

hang gliding
the sequential take-off
of fledglings

Debbie Strange

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

still water
the decorator crab
all dressed up

Richard Thomas

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

closed for renovations
butterfly wings clip
the long grass

Rose van Son

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

he brings some home
on his sleeping bag
forest scent

David Watts

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

for the kitchen vase
a clutch of dandelions
in my toddler’s hand

spring thaw—
the dirt where dad
would have planted seeds

crackling fire—
a hint of eggnog
in her kiss

uptown bus—
the strangers in front of me
exhaust their conversation

Michael Dylan Welch
Sammamish, Washington, USA

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

summer solstice
the lengthening list
of evening chores

Elaine Wilburt

Creatrix 54 – Haiku

sultry night
the moon slips quietly
into the pool

Tony Williams
Scotland, UK

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

uphill walk
the deepening breath
of eucalyptus

autumn’s shadow
mother’s spectacles
outgrown her

Ramesh Anand.

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

stirring branches
the rattle
of rusted leaves

the fires
of sunset and storm
his opal tiepin

gran’s living-room
the flying ducks
lower now

Gavin Austin

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

nursing home
i tell her
she lived through the war

Michael Baeyens.
Geraardsbergen, Belgium

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

two-seater desk
dipping pens
into the blue-black

Ingrid Baluchi
North Macedonia

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

for yoga

we launch
a paper boat
on a moonbeam

each haiku
in the shadow
of another

Roberta Beach Jacobson
Indianola, Iowa, USA

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

morning glories
a girl unfastens
her necklace

when bud
becomes scent

so many footprints
in just one of mine

of plum blossoms
the keisaku strikes



(A keisaku is a flat wooden stick used to strike a Zen meditator on the shoulder when he or she appears to lose concentration.)

Tom Bierovic
DeLand, Florida, USA

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

social isolation …
the sound of
other people’s lives

autumn ginko
three ibises
nod in unison
a red leaf
on the walkway
last day of summer
the butcher bird
checks for grubs—
swaddled baby

Nathalie Buckland.
Lismore, NSW, Australia

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

eastern greys
the alpha male
a body builder

palm tree
each new frond
a raised spear

Rohan Buettel

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

third lockdown
the spring of my ideas
dries up

in the street
where we children used to play
bumper to bumper

Pitt Büerken

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

on the poetry shelf

bitter espresso
his love letter
under the coffee cup
each day
a year

Alanna C. Burke
Santa Fe, New Mexico. USA

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

New Year’s Eve …
a mannequin’s smirk
follows me

early morning chill …
a billow of smoke rises
from the fresh pyre

Kanchan Chatterjee.
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. India

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

in her morning bath—
tree frogs

grandmother’s garden—
the scent of phlox
and solace

Lysa Collins

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

an ostrich escapes
in lockdown…oh
to be in her shoes

old vinyl records
of all things my father
can’t forget

Alvin B Cruz

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

I am Moses
on a smaller scale

Stephen C Curro.
Windsor, USA

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

summer dawn
a conversation of bees
at the birdbath

spider’s web
her lacey knickers
on clothes line
partial eclipse
the man in the moon
wears a cap

Gary Colombo De Piazzi

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

so dark outside—
all I can see
is my own reflection

Nick Eaves

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

after the wind
we roll the mangoes
back under the fence

the dryness
of held hands

David Käwika Eyre.
Volcano, Hawai’i

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

summer rain—
tiny ponds
in deer prints

sword ferns—
from a single helix
new fronds
moon shine—
raccoons in headlights
search the garbage

Bill Fay

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

holding back
dropping a letter
into the postbox

a single oak
fifty years on
a lone crow

Mike Gallagher.

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

always easier
than endings

the curve
of her smile
shapes my day

empty wheelie bin
chatters down the laneway
his sole companion

Candy Gordon

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

leaf cutter ants
the tattered banners
of empire

John Hawkhead.
Bradford on Avon

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

vaccination centre
a nurse explains
all the ins and outs

a broken rainbow
in every puddle

Louise Hopewell.

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

behind bars …
the canary sings
to his reflection

Marilyn Humbert

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

perfectly white
cloud above it

Samo Kreutz.
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

sunny sandstone—
the masonic lodge
keeps its secrets

every moment
beneath the bridge
a new river

John Low.
Portland, NSW

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

the moon follows us
all the way

long journey
my ex introduces me
to her ex

happy hour
the old musician in a chair
still rocking

Myron Lysenko

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

bush greenhood
all dad’s tales when
I was young

more gentle
than she’s ever been
new-laid egg

Marietta McGregor

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

outback highway …
vehicles brrrrr across
metal cattle grids

Rob McKinnon

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

house proud
she brushes me
out the door

Margaret Mahony

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

bauhinia leaf
sunlit tracery
butterfly wings

Diana Messervy

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

laptop updating …
the drip  drip  drip of rain
in the downpipe

Leanne Mumford.
Sydney, Australia

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

family bible
between Genesis 2 & 4
a pressed blossom

she lights a candle
for her son


Creatrix 53 – Haiku

new suit
to the undertaker

Karen Phillips.
Yarra Ranges, Victoria

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

the books in the bookcase
all fall down

school yard
the raven picks up
a McDonald’s box

Zaidee Pisani-Lysenko (10 years old)

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

painted fingernails …
she whispers checkmate
with the ivory rook

daydream …
the girl that never was
beside the lake

Milan Rajkumar.
Imphal, India

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

ageing …
together we remember
what we forget

childhood home
I watched the outhouse
move in
dawn service
magpies fly low
over the crowd

milking time
the herd separated
by traffic

Carol Reynolds
NSW, Australia

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

debate season
splitting logs
with a dull ax

mackerel sky
the wrinkles I can’t
iron out

giggling children
the rhythm of
millipede legs

autumn breeze
a locust song

Bryan Rickert.
Belleville, Illinois, USA

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

drawing a curve …
my brother teaches me
Surya Namaskar


Creatrix 53 – Haiku

the split space
between stump and sky
—an elegy

Conor Ross

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

a lone peewit
with a mouthful of spider …
trapped in my thoughts

sleepless night
possums squabble
in the almond tree
resort umbrella
a bikini-clad swimmer
shelters from the rain

Cynthia Rowe

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

her abuse
painted in words

dawn paints
their branches

stained glass
a fable turned white

Barry Sanbrook

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

deeper than the
hoot of snowy owls
winter solitude …

her fingers
trace my back
home coming …

Joe Sebastian

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

flooded canal—
the frequent pause
of a spider

as if
snow in April…
cherry blossoms

Manoj Sharma.
Kathmandu, Nepal

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

cut into patterns
sewing class

a gardener
and his lawn
perfect buzzcuts

my washing machine
hits spin cycle

the old man
and his dog
waiting for sunset

Tom Staudt
Sydney, Australia

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

looks me up and down
one hand against a tree
lace monitor

Kaelin Stemmler

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

perfect skin
the excitement of freckles
here and there

David Watts

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

in the moonlight
your prize roses

the drought-brown mesa
with nothing left to offer—

all daisies and dandelions the hippy’s lawn

Michael Dylan Welch.
Sammamish, Washington, USA

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

I see blossoms
returning to twig
a bottle of wine

Chen Xiaoou.
Kunming China

Creatrix 53 – Haiku

plastic rake
a nest of fibreglass
among the leaves

eyes front
                        soldier crabs march

an autumn flowering
at the nursing home

dawn chorus
morse code

Quendryth Young.
Alstonville, NSW, Australia

Creatrix 53 – Poetry

Annus Horribilis

It has been an Annus Horribilis
and now we hope it has come to an end.
We hope that, at last, we are on the mend.
It has been an Annus Horribilis,
if it doesn’t stop, I’ll go round the bend,
it is enough, God, no need to bill us!
It has been an Annus Horribilis
and now we hope it has come to an end.
By imposing stupidity taxes
we can lobotomize anti-vaxxers!

Derek Fenton

Creatrix 53 – Poetry

Bloodied Fruit

A young man’s penknife cleaves the peach
she lies still – watching clouds
bruised as her thighs – blot a faded

future – on the point of his knife he offers a slice – peace to
pursed lips – his contrite eyes cool to slate –
knifes her closed lips – another
stab – tastes blood – swallows loss.

Diana Messervy

Creatrix 53 – Poetry


The children go inside
vacate the playground
and leave the light
to play alone
glancing and beaming
as a truant wind scrapes
a dry leaf along the ground
like a small boy grazing
his knee.

Julian O’Dea

Creatrix 53 – Poetry


.. what is a poem .. .. ..

i hear you s – i – i – i – i – g h .. ..
.. .. .. .. .. .. ..

to tell a truth
or .. ..

half a lie

Geoff Spencer

Creatrix 53 – Poetry

New foundations

The slab’s gone down
concrete footings
wire mesh
pipes sticking out

About to pour cat
biscuits on yoghurt –

is it all upwards from here?

Tineke Van der Eecken

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