Creatrix 50 Haiku

September 2020

Selectors: Coral Carter, Rose van Son, Barry Sanbrook and Gary De Piazzi 

Submissions Manager: Telisha Reid 


old wares store
a thousand tales
told in dust

moonlight climbs
the valley slopes … 

the autumn light 
maple leaves

in her favourite vase 
she fills the room

the scent
of rain-washed gumleaves 
those faded hills

Gavin Austin 

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autumn winds
an old road hides
among the trees

still air
globe thistles sway
with bumblebees

Michael Baeyens. Geraardsbergen, Belgium

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art district graffiti 
city council votes 
for gray paint

Ingrid Bruck, Pennsylvania Amish country

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going viral 
their shadows reach out 
to one another

Pitt Büerken. Münster, Germany

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half-moon —
Bell’s Palsy droop
or bashful grin?

Peter Burges 

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spin cycle
the press secretary
cleans up the news 

his straw hat
hangs from the olive branch 

shadow puppets
on our bedroom wall
the neighbor’s floodlights 

stay-at-home order
only the washing machine
takes a stroll 

cookbooks and lockdown
even the prickly pear
plumps up

Alanna C. Burke. Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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a sheet of paper
drops between buildings

over the bedding shop
on all night  

Grant Caldwell. Melbourne

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sunlit path
a trail of ants disappears
into a black hole

 sand in the rain gauge
ringed moon 
promises rain

 bare earth 
where I planted seeds
the tracks of birds

Coral Carter

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bird watching—
I crane my neck 
for a better view 

overcast sky
the wailing siren 
of an ambulance 

childhood home—
I close the door 
to endless summers

Hemapriya Chellappan. Chennai, India

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newborn lamb—
up in a fluster
of buttercups

Lysa Collins

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amid green leaves
a cassowary stalks—
rainforest punk

Natalie Cooke. Kambah, ACT

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past midnight
the sandman late

between dust
to dust

Gary Colombo De Piazzi 

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Egyptian Ibis 
lands on artificial grass 
no supper tonight

Derek Fenton 

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in her bowling shoes
mother’s ashes

rolling thunder
of childhood fears

Nika (aka Jim Force). Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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blue blue island sky
frames yellow Kapok flowers—
and burnt orange gum leaves

Richard Gabb

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mid-April …
the church’s bell tower
belongs to the sparrows

online learning—
the brick elementary school
covered with dust

Goran Gatalica, Croatia

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hail on my yoga morning
I salute the sun

Candy Gordon

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lockdown 2.0
the last leaf tumbles
from the elm

deserted playground
the long shadows
of ghost gums

backyard barbie
the excited chatter
of lorikeets

working from home
the yellowing leaves
of my desk plant

Louise Hopewell. Melbourne, Australia

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playful wind—
the banksia leaves show
their silvery side 

granddaughter’s visit—
our views on the world

 window view—
watching the world go by
without me 

Janet Howie

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neap tide
the balance between
sun and moon

towards sunset …
the pleats and folds 
of a sparrow flock

yellow waves
of a hillside sea
canola field

Marilyn Humbert. Australia

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cold front
my jumper

sea sounds
the dishwasher
surges on

Pearl Kline 

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slow time—
baking bread
and listening

Earl Livings 

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morning papers—
his early stroll
into the light

John Low, Portland NSW 

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out on a limb
the man up high
with a chainsaw

home learning
buds on jonquils
about to open

I wear out another pair
of pyjamas

on leaves
as I leave

Mother’s Day
I start a conversation
with the hens

Myron Lysenko

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wings of a swallowtail 
dry on the Hills Hoist

Marietta McGregor. Stirling ACT 

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alpine lake
a crack in the ice
letting in stars

Ron C. Moss. Tasmania, Australia

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lengthening days …
a blue iris
pauses my steps

suburban road
a pondering pigeon
takes his time

Madhuri Pillai. Melbourne

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missing my daughter
before the next postcode
i do a u-turn 

in my house
without furniture 
cloudless sky 

home alone
i double dip
in dip 

Jade Pisani

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dark feather
why can’t you

Zaidee Pisani-Lysenko

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snagged cloth—
I cut 
new memories

Rose (Shilpa Bharti). Delhi, India. 

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we exchange

parched lawn
our toddler collects
dead leaves

Cynthia Rowe

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ancient rock
home of stony
sea creatures

Barry Sanbrook

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city pavement—
ten thousand discarded
face masks

a walk
to the end of the pier—
fish swim free

a crab makes
an empty shell its own—
my little room

Alice Stanford

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the pigeon
imitates a kite
shadow play

Tom Staudt. Darlinghurst, NSW 

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idle trains
the hustle and bustle
of pigeons

day’s end
a swan folds the sun
under her wing

Debbie Strange. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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six stories up
outside the hospital window
a treetop nest

a lone garden chair
the coldest day

Maggie Van Putten

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dangling puppet—
on the edge of the string
his livelihood

next to the mannequin
homeless man

Rashmi VeSa

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in my head
the songs he liked to sing
my brother’s grave

the ant runs this way
and that, this way—
make up your mind

how nervous it looks
the aspen

David Watts

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a postcard home—
my smile at the thought
that I’ll get there first

blind date—
just before dessert
the ice settles in her glass

at the swimming hole—
teenagers slip their skins

Michael Dylan Welch. Sammamish, Washington, USA

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willow shade—
dozing and reading

flashes of lightning—
voices from 
the boys’ room

Elaine Wilburt. Maryland, USA

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fattening paddock
a steer and I stare
at each other

condolence flowers
                  watching them

nurse’s watch
every second

Quendryth Young. Alstonville. NSW. Australia

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