Creatrix is the online journal of poetry and haiku published quarterly by West Australian Poets Inc., the peak poetry body in Western Australia. Established in 2006 as an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, WAPI is run by volunteers and relies on membership fees, ticket and book sales, donations, sponsorship and grants to fund all its activities.

Creatrix is concerned with the sharing of WAPI members’ poetry, so each quarter some fifty to sixty six per cent of poems submitted are selected ranging from poets who are first timers, to emerging and established poets. A heavy emphasis is on first timers in order to encourage them and help them get started into the world of poetry publication and distribution. A small lien is given to already published poems allowing them fresh circulation if the writer feels they should again come down from the shelf, but the source must be acknowledged. Only three poems per member can be submitted each quarter and it is rare for a member to have all three selected.

Selection of poems is therefore based on quality for established poets and regular contributors, or being a first timer or new contributor. This helps to build a comradely spirit amongst our members.