Between Stations by Colin Young

The poems in Between Stations take us into the city, the landscape, the heart and the hidden world of the imagination. Here we encounter an array of characters who are on the greatest journey of all – life itself. Here, we protest against a heteronormative way of seeing the world and delve, heart-first, into the alchemy where friendship and love begin. 

Colin Young’s brilliant debut explores how common threads are woven together into a tapestry of humanity. What music is made between two strangers when they meet? How do people come to recognise they belong to the huge family of kindred and kin? 

The poetry of Between Stations captures the momentary flashes of light that beam between bodies in motion, bodies moving together, bodies falling in love.

“Poetry has always been part of my life, ever since I first read poetry in school. I’ve always been drawn to its magic, especially the way a single image can resonate in your mind long after you’ve heard it…I’ve tried to present the moving banquet of life in all its ugliness and beauty, its extravagance and thrift, its thunder as well as calm moments. We are prisoners in the cage of the present, and can only register the minute sensations and experience of people around us. Writers can only hope to invite people to other worlds and ways of seeing, and to pass on the wonder of everyday existence, while at the same time laughing at the pageant of absurdity that plays out on the stage of our lives.” Colin Young

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Between Stations–Colin Young

“Colin Young has an ear trained by The Classics and a heart shaped by love in contemporary spaces. The result is poetry that looks to the past to explore the now, all the while wrapped up with sensitivity, tenderness and a very sharp wit. A must-read.” Scott-Patrick Mitchell


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