WA Poets Publishing

WA Poets Publishing (WAPP) was formed in 2020 and is the formalised extension of the publishing that was originally conducted under WA Poets Inc. It has arisen partly from the scale back of publishing opportunities for poets in Western Australia and operates as a sub group of WA Poets Inc. WAPP publishes emerging to eminent Western Australian poets in high quality, short run publications whilst the anthologies, Creatrix, Poetry d’Amour, and Brushstrokes also include national and international contributing poets. Currently, WAPP relies on volunteers for its production including the editorial panel comprising Lucy Dougan, Jean Kent, Barbara Temperton and Dennis Haskell AO who freely donate their considerable experience and time to ensure that WAPP publications are of the highest standard.

WA Poets Inc is a Not-for-Profit organisation and profits from the sale of merchandise are used to help cover the cost of supporting, developing and promoting WA poets and poetry.

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Dennis Haskell “And Yet…”

Barbara Temperton “Ghost Nets”

Maree Dawes “Living on Granite”

Miriam Wei Wei Lo “Who Comes calling?”

Amy Lin “Infinte Ends”


Colin Young “Between Stations”

Laurie Smith “Permission to Roam”

Fran Graham “A Gentle Outward Breath”


Emerging Poets and Pathways Program

Emerging Poets 2020 “Becoming Known”

Changes: A Pathways Chapbook 2022

Sepia Songs: A Pathways Chapbook 2023

Poetry d’Amour Anthologies
selected poems from the annual Poetry d’Amour Love Poetry Contests

Brushstrokes Anthologies
selected poems from the annual Ros Spencer Poetry Contests

Creatrix Anthologies
selected poetry and haiku from the ejournal “Creatrix”