Pathways Program

WA Poets Inc are pleased to announce a new membership tier that helps members reach publishing goals. For less than $2 a week, our new Pathway Membership focuses on your work being edited, published and read.

Pathway Members can expect:

  • to have 6-10 pages of poetry read and edited by WAPI.
  • to appear in two thematic chapbooks published by WA Poets Publishing per year.
  • can enter our new annual chapbook prize, an exclusive in-house competition only for Pathway Members that will see a single author, every year, have a 40 page chapbook of poetry published by WA Poets Publishing.
  • the possibility of being invited to read at selected WAPI and Perth Poetry Festival events every year.
  • other opportunities to become available as membership grows, including possibility for free masterclasses.

Program membership is for 12 months from the time of paying your membership fee. There will be the opportunity to roll over for further 12 month periods if you desire.

To become a Pathways member, click on the appropriate membership category:


Pathways Program – New Member

For those who are not yet financial members of WA Poets Inc



Pathways Program – Existing Regular WAPI Member

For those who hold a current WAPI Regular membership



Pathways Program – Existing Concession WAPI Member

For those who hold a current WAPI Concession membership



If you do not hold a current WAPI membership, please complete the following form and click on Send

WA Poets Inc. Pathways Membership Form (your email address is our preferred method of communication)