Becoming Known–Emerging Poets 2020

To be an emerging writer is to be filled with promise and hope. It’s that stage in your writing career where you wrestle, daily, with your own uncertainty as you learn to forge a clear voice, learn to forge your own unique path. Yes, it is fraught with doubt and rejection letters. But the true emerging writer is one who perseveres.

Of our emerging poets who entered this program, we are excited to showcase six of them here in this anthology. Josephine Clarke, Fable Goldsmith. Ruari Jack Hughes, Taonga Sendama, Sunny Wignall and Colin Young are each incredibly gifted poets in their own right. But as a collective they capture a diversity of emerging West Australian poetics. Their poems explore family, diaspora, nature, history and queerness with such fresh perspective that it has truly been an honour to watch them each grow, learn and strengthen their voices. This anthology is testament to not only how invaluable something like the Emerging Writers Publishing Program truly is, but it also shows how important community is in helping emerging writers fulfil their own potential. 

Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Program Coordinator

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A collection of the new and exciting poems from poets in the WA Poets Inc Emerging Poets program


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