WA Poets Inc (WAPI) was established in 2006 as an incorporated, not-for-profit organisation managed and and run by volunteers,

WAPI is dedicated to the promotion, presentation and professional development of poets and poetry in Western Australia, and presenting WA poetry to local, national and global audiences.

WAPI has a strong commitment to promote poetry in new and innovative ways, to increase poetry audiences and to raise public awareness of the contemporary relevance of poetry. WAPI aims to strengthen and build relationships between local, national and global arts communities.

Core Objectives

  • Organise an annual Poetry Festival
  • Organise public poetry events throughout the year, independently or in conjunction with other community and writers’ groups
  • Showcase members poetry in the e-journal Creatrix
  • Encourage and foster developing and emerging poets
  • Form partnerships with community groups and organisations to highlight creative connections between poetry, visual arts and other forms of media
  • Liaise with national and international poets and poetry groups to form reciprocal arrangements for mutual benefit
  • Develop a poetry culture in WA that will help promote local poets and improve opportunities for professional development
  • Provide avenues for poets at all levels to engage with a broader public audience
  • Encourage active participation by the public in local writers’ groups and expose them to the personal and social benefits of poetry writing and performance


Postal Address:
PO Box 684
Inglewood WA 6932

Julian Ross

Gary De Piazzi
Jan Napier (minutes)

Ian Casey

Social Media/Publicity Officer
Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Fundraising Officer

Committee Members
Chris Arnold
Mar Bucknell
Peter Burges
Sally Gaunt
Peter Jeffery
Karen Lowry
Saoirse Nash
Neil J Pattinson
Zan Ross
Maggie Van Putten

Associate Committee Members
Veronica Lake, Primo Lux
Tineke Van der Eecken, Poetry d’Amour/Woman Scream

Outline of WAPI Structure
download a pdf of the WAPI Structure 2019

WAPI Structure 2019 copy.jpg