Creatrix Anthology 3

This is the third Creatrix Anthology of poetry and haiku selected from the online journal Creatrix. The contributions come primarily from the members of WA Poets Incorporated (WAPI), the peak poetry body in Western Australia. Established in 2006 as an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, WAPI is run by volunteers and relies on membership fees, ticket and book sales, donations, sponsorship and grants to fund all its activities.

WAPI’s mission is twofold: to develop and promote local poets and poetry and to raise public awareness of poetry in all its forms in WA. WAPI accomplishes this through its flagship annual Perth Poetry Festival, ejournal Creatrix, workshops, contests and local poetry events.

Professional development for poets is also supported with seminars, competitions and networking opportunities. WAPI presents WA poetry to local, national and global audiences. We present poetry in new and innovative ways such as the Net, on the Perth Cultural Centre screen, through slams and by building relationships with institutions such as the State Library, the Art Gallery of WA, the Moon Cafe and local councils.

As a permanent selector of all Creatrix contributions, I was happy to work alongside Chris Arnold to edit this third Creatrix Anthology. In preliminary discussions we chose to break away from an automatically chronological rendering and arranged our selections on a thematic base.

Peter Wadds Jeffery OAM

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Index of Contributors

DE Barnes Picasso and Time

Wendy Beach Two Big Sacs

Lana Bella Dear Suki: Number Twenty-Four

Kaye Brand
Mateus Rosé
The Motherhood Constellation
Thoracic Four

Connor Brown  Apple Picking

Helen Budge Sleepless

Peter Burges
At Varanasi’s Ghats
Body Surfing: Winter
Of Fruit, Parrots, and Mum’s Bum

Andrew Burke
Testicular Checkup
The Wheelie Bin Novel

Graeme Butler
A Death in the Paddock
Getting Used to Something

Sue Clennell When I Am Dead

Geraldine Day Cold Heat

Christine Della Vedova Farewell Letter to my English Teacher

Gary Colombo De Piazzi
In the Service Of
On a Wedgetail Wing
The Woman with Lavender in Her Hair

Jenny de Garis If This is a Brain

Lynne DePeras Bush Picnic

Nicoletta Dimas My Mother’s Face

Natalie D’Napoleon The Peppermint Tree

Francis Faith
Nothing New Under the Sun

Derek Fenton Donald Duck

Margaret Ferrell
Green Time

David Finley Monotony on the Streets

Wendy Fleming Train Tract

Rosalind Franklin Fury of Fire

Steve Fulcher Smashed

Sally Gaunt Sleep—A Sonnet

Ann Gilchrist
C.Y. O’Connor’s Horse
Death in the Murray/Darling Basin
Nannup Thylacine
Working with George

Kevin Gillam
Aged Rugs and Wet Dogs
Twelve Bar Blues

Ita Goldberger BushEsh

Candy Gordon Mending

Fran Graham Act of Faith

Mike Greenacre
A Last Song
Rottnest Ghost
The Shape of Love
Water Polo Boy

Dilantha Gunawardana Clitoracy

Ann Harrison About Henry

Olivia Hendry While the Healing

Jenifer Hetherington  The Fable of the Tortoise and the Butterfly

Ruari Jack Hughes
How Do I Tell You

Glen Hunting

The Dust Encrusted Crush

Ross Jackson
Delighted by Yellows
To a Former Student

Pat Johnson
Oriental Silks
The Night Shift

Nada Kesic Primal Haunting

Mel Knight  Girl of Sin

Peter Knight
Hitler’s Teeth

Chris Konrad Christopher

Veronica Lake
Heart Monitor
Instant Win
Mary’s Grace
Nested Here

AR Levett The Split

Jenny Magann Pigs Might Swim

Diana Masservy Thin Places

Mardi May
Angry Sea
Case History
Pulling Hair

Glad McGough She Loves Us When She’s Dying

Dean Meredith
A Dream After a War
Looking Good
What It Means to Me

Jaqui Merckenschlager Taiz Market Bombing

Max Merckenschlager Christmas Kings

Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Dick Pic
Notes from a Lecture on Fay Zwicky
Thank You for Your Poem

Peta Morris Anomaly

Jan Napier
Against Glass
All I Ever Wanted …
Unit 2

Tony O’Donnell Objector!

Julian O’Dea
Naturally Happy
The Deep

Colleen O’Grady Winter Rain

Virginia O’Keeffe
Dining at the Gallery
In Passing We Meet

Allan Padgett
For Geoff
It Had Its Own Name
If I Chewed on a Banana

Chris Palazzolo The Little Bedroom

Joyce Parkes

Tim Parkin
Death Is the Great Trick
Sneaky Piggely

Ami Parekh The Last Dialogue

Yvonne G Pattinson
Columbus Avenue Peregrination
Out of Time
Still Life

Neil J Pattinson Tozer’z Block

Mike Pedrana
A Gift from Broken Shadows
An Odd Shape
The Town Pool

Glen Phillips Clothed and Shod

Peter Rondel Yesterdays

Barry Sanbrook
The Trees of Messine

Norma Schwind
A Tale of Tatts
Capital Punishment
Remembering Morrie

Maureen Sexton
My Place
That Summer

Thomas Simpson Frangipani

Don Smith

Flora Smith
Of Wine and Peacocks

Laurie Smith When the Chips are Down

Paige Spence Age 21, Drowned

Amanda Spooner Overthrown

Traudl Tan
Night Search
Poetical Correctness

Rita Tognini
Heartfelt Poem for Ali’s 13th Birthday
Hansel and Gretel in Australia
Louche Sonnet
Nanjing Fall

Mimma Tornatora Majesty

Kelly van Nelson Mummified

Maggie Van Putten
For My Grandfather, Lost at Sea

Rose van Son

Colin Young
Gumtree Ad (Seven Things I Need)
Lean on Me

Sandie Walker FoxPine

Gail Willems Inspiration at 3AM

Ted Witham Galactical

haiku Contributors

Tash Adams
Adjei Agyei-Baah
Hifsa Ashraf
Muskaan Ahuja
Debbi Antebi
Prema Arasu
Sanjuktaa Asopa
Billy Antonio
Gavin Austin
Gabriel Bates
Nathalie Buckland
Pitt Büerken
Alanna C. Burke
Andrew Burke
Graeme Butler
Gabriele Cavallo
Geetashree Chatterjee
Kanchan Chatterjee
Christina Chin
Gary Colombo De Piazzi
Margaret Ferrell
Lorin Ford
Goran Gatalica
Pat Geyer
Nikolay Grankin
Candy Gordon
Jennifer Hambrick
Simon Hanson
Devin Harrison
David He
Matt Hetherington
Louise Hopewell
Marilyn Humbert
Bee Jay
David J. Kelly
Myron Lysenko
Martha Magenta
Ajaya Mahala
Meryl Manoy
Mardi May
Dean Kevin Meredith
Mark Miller
Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Leanne Mumford
Guliz Mutlu
Jan Napier
Ashish Narain
Elena Naskova
Julian O’Dea
Minh-Triêt Pham
Martin Porter
Duncan Richardson
Cynthia Rowe
Barry Sanbrook
Maureen Sexton
Sandra Simpson
Mary Stone
Debbie Strange
Rachel Sutcliffe
Barbara Tate
Helen Taylor
Julie Thorndyke
Hilary Turner
Jahan Tyson
Kelly Van Nelson
Rose van Son
Elaine Wilburt
Gail Willems
Limosa Zimmerman