Creatrix Anthology 2

This is the second Creatrix Anthology of poetry and haiku selected from the online journal Creatrix. The contributions come solely from the members of WA Poets Incorporated (WAPI), the peak poetry body in Western Australia. Established in 2006 as an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, WAPI is run by volunteers and relies on membership fees, ticket and book sales, donations, sponsorship and grants to fund all its activities.

WAPI’s mission is twofold: to develop and promote local poets and poetry and to raise public awareness of poetry in all its forms in WA. WAPI accomplishes this through its flagship annual Perth Poetry Festival, now in its 13th year, and media such as WTV44, 89.7FM Joondalup Community Radio and 6EBA’s The World of Art.

Professional development for poets is also supported with seminars, competitions and networking opportunities. WAPI presents WA poetry to local, national and global audiences. We present poetry in new and innovative ways such as the Net, on the Perth Cultural Centre screen, through slams and by building relationships with institutions such as the State Library, the Art Gallery of WA, the Moon Cafe and local councils.

As a permanent selector of all Creatrix contributions, I was happy to work alongside our co-chair Matt Jamieson to edit this second Creatrix Anthology. In preliminary discussions we chose to break away from an automatically chronological rendering, by arranging our selections on a thematic base, but with the original in which they appeared appended as a footnote below the poem itself for reference, if needed. The footnote contains the Creatrix Prize details if the poem was successful. Matt felt that this would enhance the book’s autonomy as a book in its own right and not merely be considered a logbook of the WAPI club.

Peter Wadds Jeffery OAM


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List of Poetry Contributors

Carolyn Abbs               The Milkmaid

Anil                                Great Grandson of America

Ros Armstrong             Indigo

Tash Adams                 Flame Bird 
——————————– She’s Designer             

Alistair P. D. Bain         Meals

David E Barnes            Status

Rosie Barter                 Cradle Moon            
—————————      Grandma Phoebe; Bunbury 1915

Wendy Beach               Sea Widow’s Sonnet

Lana Bella                    Tourniquet

John Bird                     Moonrise

Kaye Brand                  The Face for The Poet
—————————      The Matriarch of Busker’s End

Mar Bucknell                Untitled

Helen Budge                Spring Afternoon in The Garden

Coral Carter                  Look Through Other Eyes 

Jo Clarke                       In The Kitchen                              

Sally Clarke                  Ruined Pianos – Number One  
——————————- In Translation

Sue Clennell                 Elegy
——————————  Mumtaz Mahal

Stephen Cole                Words Never Said                       

Judy Corcoran               She Told Me

Cuttlewoman                2007, Year of The Boob

Geraldine Day              Smooth 
——————————-  And He Looks At Me                  

Larraine Duncan           War and The Unknown

Gary C De Piazzi          Cracks and Gaps
——————————– The Gap (Albany)                     
——————————   Land of Taut Horizons

Frances Faith               Untameable Creatrix
—————————-     Dear Future Lover
————————         Berlin Tourist 2013

Derek Fenton               Hook, Line and Sinker
———————–           It’s Relative
————————-        Poetry Reading

Margaret Ferrell             Breaking 
———————–               Retrospective 

Rosalind Franklin          Love Senses
The Lemon Scented Gum 
———————–             The Old Brick Chimney
Mother In Law

Sally Gaunt                  Grapefruit
———————–          The New Settlers

Kevin Gillam                The Groove of You
———————–           Two Notes
———————–           Airfix Hours

Fran Graham               The Reading Group
———————–           Tour de France

Mike Greenacre             As If Helping
———————–             From Bar to Spyglass
———————–             Closing Time

Kia Groom                  House Beasts                            

Julia Gross                   White Bones                            

Danny Gunzburg          Song to Her/Song to Him 

Ann Harrison               Metamorphosis

Elanna Herbert             Cursive Lessons
———————–            Stairway to The Moon, Roebuck Bay 

Ken Hudson                Cambodia
———————–          My Father’s Roses

Ruari Jack Hughes         Here I Am
———————–             They Danced Because Dying Wasn’t an Option
———————–             Townsend

Daniel Hunter              Winter’s Day                             

Jackson                       Secret Slip
———————–        Dadda

Ross Jackson                Naughty Nedlands
———————–           Routed to Ikea

Paula Jones                  Mothers and Whores

Tricia Kelly                   Alchemy

Nada Kesic                  Homage to The Sea                     

Deeksha Koul              Letter to Merwin                        

Samudra Manthan 

Chris Konrad                A Robert Creeley moment
———————–         Valhalla with Thelma and Louise

Veronica Lake              Enchantress Circe

Alexis Lateef                Lungs

Laurel Lamperd            Waiting Women

Brian Langley                Fifty Acres

Roland Leach               Parabola

Andrew Levett             Recoil

Rosemary Longhurst      Age

I.H.M. Lowe                Fascinated by The Bruise
Christmas Card Envy

Meryl Manoy                Homecoming 

Mardy May                   Between Poems
———————–          Killing The Rooster

Dean Meredith              Prey for Us

Carol Millner                 Under the Jacaranda                   

Scott-Patrick Mitchell     Make-Up on The Midland Line     

Colin Montfort              Security, Chris Wilson and Me

Jan Napier                   Turned On
———————–         So Far from God
———————–         Interim

Kitty Niemann              Gifts

Alison Obszanski          Empty 

Julian O’Dea                Summer Returns

Tony O’Donnell            Invaders 
———————–         Instant Addicts                        

Colleen O’Grady           Friends

Virginia O’Keeffe           Bombed
———————–         Summer Musing
———————–         Missing You

Ron Okely                   Why Don’t They Just Shut Up….
———————–         Spreading The Ashes
———————–         You Came Back to Me 

Allan Padgett                Hit Me with a Coconut, Sunshine
———————–         I Gently Steer My Bewildered Gaze
———————–         The Wheatbelt Turns to Dust

Chris Palazzolo             On Being Introduced To The Poetry Of Francis Webb
———————–         Australia
———————–         Peninsula Flats

Tim Parkin                  Alexithymia    
———————–         Difficult Love and Complicated Kisses

———————–         Pre-Rejection Jitterbug Blues

Neil J (Brilo) Pattinson   All the Bunkum

Mike Pedrana               The Town Pool

Glen Phillips                The Immigrant                          

Keren Gila Raiter           Autobiography of a Plant Killer        

Caroline Sambridge        Football’s Hero
———————–            Your Local Booze Bus

Barry Sanbrook             Come Over

Flora Smith                  After The Divorce
———————–         Waiting

Laurie Smith                Saturday Night with Grandma

Traudl Tan                   Snake

Rita Tognini                 Louche Sonnet

Tineke Van der Eecken  Liquid

Rose van Son               Night, Silk Road
———————–         Plum and Cinnamon
———————–         Vincent van Gogh Paints Eugene Boch 1888

Joanna Wakefield           Mastectomy I
———————–          The Lift

Sandie Walker               We Made a Kind of Blues

Julie Watts                   First Flights

Mags Webster               Digging Up Persephone

Gail Willems                Pearl Rapture
———————–         Pelican



List of Haiku and Senryu Contributors

Anne Carly Abad

Tash Adams

Robert Adamson

Ramesh Anand

Karin Anderson

Debbi Antebi

Gavin Austin

Max Babi

Dawn Bruce

Alanna C. Burke

Andrew Burke

Graeme Butler

Theresa A. Cancro

Coral Carter

Jesus Chameleon

Kanchan Chatterjee

Sally Clarke

Virginie Colline

Anne Curran

Angelee Deodhar

Richard Davis

Tatjana Debeljacki

Gary Colombo De Piazzi

Jan Dobb

Larraine Duncan

Frances Faith

Marisa Fazio

Margaret Ferrell

Bethany Findlay

Akila G

Goran Gatalica

Pat Geyer

Samar Ghose

Kevin Gillam

Mel Goldberg

Simon Hanson

Carole Harrison

Devin Harrison

John Hawkhead

Matt Hetherington

Judit Katalin Hollós

Louise Hopewell

Judith Huang

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde


Peter Jastermsky

Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian

Robert Kania

Archana Kapoo

Kashinath Karmakar

Arvinder Kaur

Naomi King

Jennifer Langley-Kemp

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy

Andrew Lansdown

Chen-ou Liu

Earl Livings

Dishika Lyer

Myron Lysenko

Kumarendra Mallick

Jayashree Maniyil

Meryl Manoy

Mardi May

Margaret D. McGee

Marietta McGregor

John McMullan

Dean Meredith

Ruby Michael

Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Vasile Moldovan

Gautam Nadkarni

Archana Kapoor Nagpal

Jan Napier

Liz Nicholls

Ayaz Daryl Nielsen


Gennady Novoseltsev

Graham Nunn

JK O’Dea

Peter O’Malley

Allan Padgett

Pravat Kumar Padhy

Aparna Pathak

Martin Pedersen

Greg Piko

Madhuri Pillai

Jade Pisani

Raamesh Gowri Raghavan

Geethanjali Rajan

Vinay Ravindranath

Duncan Richardson

Cliff “Kawazu” Roberts

Cynthia Rowe

Anthony Rutledge

Barry Sanbrook

Vessislava Savova

Nicola Scholes

Rob Scott

Carl Seguiban

David Serjeant

Maureen Sexton

Yesha Shah

Shloka Shankar

Christina Sng

Richard Stevenson

Debbie Strange

Yesha Shah Surat

Jennifer Sutherland

Lynne Talmont

Helen Taylor

Faye Teale-Clavi

Julie Thorndyke

Paresh Tiwari

Maria Tomczak

Andrew Tracy

Rose van Son

Julie Watts

Gail Willems

Juliet Wilson

David He Zhuanglang