2018 Poetry d’Amour Anthology


A collection of the best love poems from the 2018 Poetry d’Amour Love Poetry Contest showcasing Australian poets at their finest.

This year’s anthology, the first after the success of the same sex marriage vote in Australia and fifty years since the summer of love in San Francisco, celebrates love in all its forms with the accompanying foolishness and wisdom. It was with these two events in mind as I read the 210 entries to Poetry d’Armour.

We all need to love and to be loved but finding love can be both problematic and joyous. Love that is inclusive love for all was the ideology of the summer of love and the same sex marriage bill. “It’s what we came here for” said Elton John and “all we need” said John Lennon. Michael Leunig recognised love’s complexity “Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that”.

I chose the poems for this anthology to reflect how our society is changing to include all in the search and discovery of love.

Coral Carter, Contest Judge

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