2018 Poetry d’Amour Anthology


A collection of the best love poems from the 2018 Poetry d’Amour Love Poetry Contest showcasing Australian poets at their finest.

This year’s anthology, the first after the success of the same sex marriage vote in Australia and fifty years since the summer of love in San Francisco, celebrates love in all its forms with the accompanying foolishness and wisdom. It was with these two events in mind as I read the 210 entries to Poetry d’Armour.

We all need to love and to be loved but finding love can be both problematic and joyous. Love that is inclusive love for all was the ideology of the summer of love and the same sex marriage bill. “It’s what we came here for” said Elton John and “all we need” said John Lennon. Michael Leunig recognised love’s complexity “Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that”.

I chose the poems for this anthology to reflect how our society is changing to include all in the search and discovery of love.

Coral Carter, Contest Judge

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List of Contributing Poets

Ella Argo
_____ A Seasonal Affair
Virginia Blackney
_____Movie Night
Nicki Blake
Sue Brennan
_____How To write A Love Poem
Helen Budge
_____Two Scarves
Peter Burgess
_____Valentine For An Ex
Andrew Burke
Rees Campbell
_____Climate Change
Louise Carter
Amy Crutchfield
_____Camera Obscura
Elizabeth Cummings
_____My Grandmother’s Love
Gary Colombo De Piazzi
_____Surrender Points
_____The Stretch And Pull Of Us
_____Wind And Memories
Joan Dobbie
_____The Tap End
Agi Dobson
_____Spring In Autumn
Frances Faith
Maree Galdwin
_____Je Te Compte/Counting You
Ann Gilchrist
_____Flower In The Night
_____The Texture Of Us
Kevin Gillam
_____Song Of Other
_____The Day You Came
_____The Soup Of Us
_____What God Didn’t Give Us
Fran Graham
_____If I Could Write
_____Night Fishing
_____The Unbearable Absence Of Gone
_____Valentine Villanelle
Mike Greenacre
_____The Gift Of Love
_____The Music Of Love
Rebecca Higge
_____You Don’t Sleep Talk In Amharic Anymore
Marilyn Humbert
Ross Jackson
_____Bird Of Love
_____Old Horses
Veronica Lake
_____Finish Line
_____One Kiss
_____Reunion, Dover
Roland Leach
_____Your Wanderings
Elizabeth Lewis
_____Wintering, New York
Meryl Manoy
_____A Passing Soliloquy
Shane McCauley
_____Hada O Yurusu
_____Remembering The Waterfall
Scott-Patrick Mitchell
_____As Light As Stone On Water
_____Prayer Of The Cosmonaut
_____We Held Hands On The Way To The Protest
Colin Montfort
Darcie Morris
Annette Mullumby
_____All That Jazz
_____Hundreds And Thousands
Jan Napier
_____If You Were Here
_____The Goblet
Julian O’Dea
Mike Pedrana
Jaya Penelope
_____Barefoot And Fearless
_____None Of The Above
Rachel Petridis
_____Just Blues
Martin Jon Porter
_____Palais Theatre, St Kilda
Brian Purcell
_____Full Moon Over Avoca Beach
_____One Last Drunk Song
_____Sometimes I Forget How Beautiful You Are
Janelle Rebgetz
Frances Richardson
_____Handel With Thomas Forrest Kelly
Margaret Owen Ruckert
_____Anatomy of Engagement
Francesca Juarate Sasnaitis
_____Impossible Love
Ellen Shelley
_____Dear You
_____Groovy Kind Of Love
_____The Wheel Of Love
Flora Smith
_____From An Autumn Boat
Laurie Smith
_____The Radio Man
Amanda Spooner
Alison Thompson
_____Future Tense
Kate Tongs
_____Together On The Lake
Mimma Tornatora
_____Meeting Place
Tineke Van der Eecken
Roseanne van Dijk
_____You Will Discover Her
Maggie Van Putten
_____Faded Photos
Rose van Son
_____When I Meet You Again
Sandie Walker
_____Indigo Bowl
_____Mira Walker
Mina Wallis
_____What To Do With Old Memories
Julie Watts
_____On Leaving
_____String Theory
Marion Whelligan
Gail Willems
_____Ghost Light
_____October 31
Maya Wuytack
_____ Taksvrije parfums en kerosine
_____ Duty-Free
_____ Infiltrant der ingewanden
_____ Infiltrator Of The Innards
_____ Gebruiksaanwijzing van de mensheid
_____ Instructions For Mankind
_____ Solicitatiegedicht
_____ Job Application
_____ Ontbreekbaar
_____ Lackable
_____ Mislukte missie: jou vergeten
_____ Mission Failed: Forgetting You
_____ Valtechnieken van het hart
_____ The Heart’s Techniques For Falling
_____ Onverwachte tweezaamheid
_____ Unexpected Double Solo